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Five Wonderful Ways to Reuse Your Glass Bottles

Five Wonderful Ways to Reuse Your Glass Bottles

There are so many packaging options out there, but glass is great for many reasons. Mainly because it’s a forever material. That means you can recycle it again and again, indefinitely! But rather than recycling it and turning it into a new bottle, why not get a bit creative and repurpose it?

The Bottled Bakers - that’s YOU - are always fab at sharing fantastic photos of finished bakes and unusual bottle usage. So, we’ve taken a few from social and combined them with our own to create the ultimate guide to repurposing glass bottles.


  1. Storing dry cupboard essentials

We’ve all been there, you open a bag of rice, with as much care and caution as you can, and it splits down the side, rice scattering allll over the floor and the easy peel and seal now redundant. 

Enter... your empty Bottled Baking Co bottle!

Grab a piece of paper, create a funnel and set on top of your bottle and pour the rice in! Seals beautifully with our black lid.

@anyac0nda shared this pic with us over on the gram. Thank you!



  1. Housing your freshly baked doggy baking goods

Your pooches deserve a special mention all of their own. Especially given we've dedicated a whole other website to our Doggy Baking co brand. There are three different flavours available, carrot cake, banana biscuits and a herby biscuit mix too!

Once you've baked your doggy baking biccies up (cake may not quite work for this one!), you can pop your cooled treats back in the bottle and secure tightly with the lid for rewards and praise when required.

Thanks to @lemmytheshark for sharing this pic with us that his mummy, Hannah, took. Hannah popped some tasty gravy bones (at least to Lemmy, anyway) in after cooking up some carrot cake for him.

  1. Displaying some pretty flowers - bonus - you can decorate it too!

So inundated with flowers that you've run out of vessels to display them in?

We've got you!

What a lucky duck you are! Inundated with beautiful bouquets and nowhere to put them. Thankfully, our glass bottled make for a gorgeous vase. You can even grab a hot glue gun and jazz the bottle up a bit, or pop some ribbon or gems. Or, of course, just proudly display the Bottled Baking Co logo for everyone to see, thank you! :)

Just like these stunning daffies shared for St David's day - thanks for sharing this on Instagram @what_steph_sees

  1. Keeping your washing powder in a handy location

Washing powder can be expensive when buying in small amounts! So, if you've got room for it, bulk buying can help you save some £££s (which you could then use to treat yourself to a spot of baking. ;) ).

Only trouble is, you're left with a huge container that you've got to find somewhere to put in an already over crowded laundry room (if you're anything like us!). Our bottles make for a great option though, fitting neatly into nearby cupboards. You can even sharpie some lines on to guide your pour. Making for a more economical washing powder serve every time!

@fitandclean_d83 shared some snaps of their washing detergent storage solutions with us - thanks so much!


  1. Creating a home for your plants

Houseplants can be hard to look after, especially if you're too busy baking to remember to water them. ahem. Oops..

But! Certain types of plants can be self-sustaining, given the right environment. A while back, we teamed up with London Terrariums to teach our bottled bakers how to create a home for their greenery, given the right tools.

We can confirm, our terrarium is still happy, healthy and housing a plethora of plants!

Here's the video of our workshop, so you can go ahead and build your own.


We're super duper passionate about being kind to the planet, even planting trees for each purchase - see how many we've planted so far here.

Repurposing your glass is such a great way to turn your trash into treasure. Of course, if you can't find a new need for our bottles, please don't trash them and do recycle them instead. :)

Have you crafted anything cool, post bake, with our bottles? Share a snap over on social and tag #TrashIntoTreasure and we'll re-share!

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