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How to wrap a bottle

Unsure about how to wrap a bottle? Follow our step-by-step guide with photos and video explaining how to wrap one of our Bottled Baking mixes…

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or perhaps you just fancy getting a gift for that special someone in your life, our Bottled Baking Co. mixes make THE perfect present! 

However, one little problem our customers tend to stumble upon is how to gift wrap our bottles. That’s why we’ve created the perfect step-by-step guide on the best way to wrap your bottles, so they can end up looking this good under the tree. 👇

How to wrap a bottle - finished gift

Follow our step-by-step guide to wrap your Bottled Baking Co. mix… 

Step 1: Roll out your chosen gift wrap & cut vertically

Rolling out gift wrap - how to wrap a bottle

Based on the size of our bottles, we’d recommend you roll out your wrapping paper so you’ve got around 40cm (width) to play with.

Cutting gift wrap - how to wrap a bottle

Cut the paper vertically and don’t worry about those rough edges from cutting, we’ve got a little hack for that.

Step 2: Fold the edges and fold the paper inwards

Folding edge of gift wrap - how to wrap a bottle

Where you’ve cut the paper with scissors, make a small fold inwards - it’ll ensure you’ve got a nice clean edge to work with. 

Once you’ve folded the edge, you’ll need to fold the paper inwards like so. 👇

Folding paper together - how to wrap a bottle

Stick the wrapping paper together with some sellotape so it’s secure all the way along.

Sellotaping gift wrap - how to wrap a bottle

Step 3: Time to fold the base

This bit can get a little fiddly, so be sure to follow our instructions closely… 

Fold the bottom of the wrapping paper upwards, around 8 - 9cm of it. 

Folding gift wrap upwards - how to wrap a bottle

Next, push the sides of the fold inwards and flatten it down, creating a kind of hexagonal shape. 

Creating hexagon shape - how to wrap a bottle

Hexagon shape - how to wrap a bottle

Fold the top of the ‘hexagon’ inwards and do the same with the bottom like so…

Folding edges together - how to wrap a bottle

Finally, stick both pieces down with a piece of sellotape and pull the base outwards. 

Sellotape stuck down on base - how to wrap a bottle

You may even want to pop your arm down the centre to open it all up, just like this 👇

Putting arm into gift wrap - how to wrap a bottle

Voila! Your base is ready to go 🤩

Step 4: Now’s the time to bring in the bottle! 

Stand your gift wrap next to your Bottled Baking Co. mix of choice and simply cut off any extra wrapping paper that exceeds well above the top of the bottle. 

Cutting gift wrap next to Bottled Baking Co. bottle

We’d maybe recommend leaving 10 - 15cm of extra paper which you’ll then fold.

Step 5: Pop the bottle inside the gift wrap and fold down the top

Putting Bottled Baking Co. mix into gift wrap

Once your bottle is safely inside the wrapping paper, fold down that extra wrapping paper, a few times too - especially if your wrapping paper is a little thinner. 

Sellotaping gift wrap - how to wrap a bottle

Finally, use a piece of sellotape to secure the fold down. Now it’s onto the final stage - the fancy decoration 🙌

Step 6: Wrap the gift with ribbon and pop on the tag 

Adding gift wrap and tag - how to wrap a bottle

For the ribbon, we’d recommend cutting off around 1m or so, so you can get around the whole gift and tie a nice bow too. 

Pop the name of that very lucky someone onto a gift tag and attach using just a teeny bit more sellotape. 

Gift underneath the tree - how to wrap a bottle

And there you have it!

A simple and easy way to wrap your next Bottled Baking Co. mix 🤩

We’ve also created a TikTok on how to wrap our bottles for Christmas, which shows each of the above steps in action. Check it out 👇


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This little wrapping hack also works wonderfully for wine, or any other bottles you would like to stand out under the tree. If using a taller bottle, just remember to cut a longer length to cover the top of the bottle.

If you’ve received one of our bottles as a gift, we’d love to hear about it! 

Tag us in your posts and stories using our handle @thebottledbakingco on Instagram! We’re also on TikTok too - our handle is @bottledbakingco - HAPPY BAKING 🥣🧁


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