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Our #MakeaMix Winner visits Bottled Baking Co. HQ

Alfie Abbott, the winner of our #MakeaMix competition came up to our Leeds HQ to create his REAL LIFE mix. Check out what we got up to. 

If you weren’t already familiar with our #MakeAMix competition, we asked kids from all over the country to come up with a brand new mix by drawing and designing the bottle, as well as the ingredients inside.  

Our winner, Alfie Abbott aged 6 from Gloucester, came up with a mix called ‘Alfie’s Scrumpstus Rocee Road’ 🥺 which translates to ‘Alfie’s Scrumptious Rocky Road’.

His mix includes milk and white chocolate chips, raisins, biscuits as well as pink and white marshmallows - a ‘scrumptious fridge cake’. 

As Alfie was voted the winner courtesy of our celeb judging panel, he was able to turn his drawing into a real life mix and visit Greg at The Bottled Baking Co. HQ!

Here’s a little look at what he got up to…

Alfie making his Rocee Road Mix with Gemma

First, Alfie was given a tour of where all the action happens!

After making the trip from Gloucester up to Leeds, Alfie and his family were first given a mini tour of The Bottled Baking Co. HQ. 

The team rarely hand-make the mixes here as they’re typically done at a separate warehouse. However, Alfie was lucky enough to see a few of the King’s Coronation cake mixes being labelled and packaged up ready to be stocked on the shelves of retailers! 

Greg giving a tour of the factory to Alfie

Here’s Alfie giving a few of our bottle-producing extraordinaires a little wave hello!

After the tour, it was time to don the PPE ready for production! 

To get ready for the production of Alfie’s mixes, he needed to don some PPE, so here he is in the fabulous white coat and hair net ready for production! 

Alfie in his PPE crushing biscuits 

Gemma (our head honcho of production) gave Alfie a big ol’ bucket of digestives and put him to work smashing up these ready to put into his bottles. 

Then came the real fun…elling as Alfie started the ingredient layering!

Starting off with those crushed biscuits, Alfie poured a healthy helping of these digestives into the glass bottles as the very first layer. 

Next, came the layer of cookies and creme biscuits, at which point Greg popped in to help out…

Alfie & Greg pouring ingredients into glass bottles

Once those biscuits were in, it was time for the chocolate chips - both milk and white chocolate layers 🤩

Now for Alfie’s favourite - mini jazzies! Just look at that concentration tongue 😄

Alfie putting the finishing touches to his mix

Finally - to top off the mix - those marshmallows! There was a lot to fit in so we had to really squeeze them down. 

Then it was onto labelling them all up, making sure each one was just right and perfectly level. 

Then came the real fun…elling as Alfie started the ingredient layering!

Alfie & Greg labelling up the mixes

Alfie’s concentration face was out in full force once again for this part!

Once the tags were popped on and the ‘Made in Yorkshire’ stickers were firmly placed on the lids - Alfie’s mix was ready! Only another 49 to go… 😂

The finished bottle! 

Alfie holding his finished Rocee Road Mix

TA DA! The finished bottle - Alfie’s Rocee Road mix! Look how proud he is 🥰

We made a little reel of Alfie’s visit - check it out here 👇

So, what’s next for Alfie’s mix? 

Alfie’s Rocee Road Mix is now available on our website to purchase! 

We’re also going to be pitching his mix to some of our biggest retailers including John Lewis

So who knows you may see Alfie’s mix on the shelves very soon 👀

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