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Gift Box - Create your own

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Product Description 
Create your own gift box

Our gift boxes have been so popular this year! We thought we'd open it up to you to choose what you'd like to add to your own gift boxes for Christmas! 

We recommend adding a maximum of 4 items (1-2 bottles and 2-3 other items, or 3 bottles and one more item) to your box to make a wonderful gift. 

Simply add one (or more) of these empty boxes to your basket, then choose from: 

  • Our range of bottled baking mixes
  • Chocolate bars
  • Laura's Confectionery goodies
  • Holly's Lollies humbugs and lollies
  • Spice Kitchen mulled wine and cider bags

Note: Our 3D tree's are too large to fit in this box. You can add extra items to your order, we'll just pop the in the same shipping box for you :)