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A Year of You Self Care Box

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Self Care Gift: Just For You

Self care is not just a buzz word, it’s a vital skill we should all learn. This gift box has ideas to improve wellness, so it’s perfect to gift, or to give to yourself.

  • Contains 12 surprise self care activity ideas, plus 12 blank cards

Time to do something for ourselves is one of the best ways to improve wellbeing, and that’s just what this box encourages the recipient to do. It has lots of ideas for the perpetually busy person, who needs a gentle nudge to be kind to themselves.

Taking time for self care helps produce positive feelings, and this can help with confidence and self-esteem. It’s also important to set our children a good example by caring for ourselves and encouraging them to do the same.

There are 24 envelopes in the box. 12 are already printed and sealed  with inspirational self care ideas, and 12 are blank, so you can add personalised ideas. There’s a mix of ideas to do at home, and outside, and they are suitable for any gender.

So if you, or someone you know, needs a little help towards self care, this is the ideal gift.

Envelope colours are chosen at random, so each box is unique, and also includes a leaflet explaining how to use the box.