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Meet the team - Founder Greg Fraser

Get to know Chief Bottled Baker and Founder of the Bottled Baking Co. - Greg Fraser in this week’s Meet the Team…

Greg Fraser

Get to know our Chief Bottled Baker… Greg Fraser

Although you may be familiar with our ever growing range of Bottled Baking mixes, you may not have come across the man behind it all. 

In this week’s Meet The Team, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on all things Greg and how the Bottled Baking Co. came to be! 

Flash back to 2016, when Greg was baking with his son…

If you close your eyes, you can just picture it. Flour has exploded all over the kitchen table and literally 100s of hundreds and thousands have been trodden into the carpet. This is just a glimpse into baking time with Greg and his then 2 year old son. Baking was a great way for Greg and his son to spend proper quality time together, but the mess of it all was quite the challenge…

“I found I spent way too much time individually measuring out and weighing each ingredient, I thought to myself it HAS to be easier than this” 

To save himself time and hopefully ensure his son didn’t make anymore mess, Greg decided to put all of the dry ingredients needed for their bakes into a glass carafe. 

First ever Bottled Baking Mixes by Greg Fraser

He noticed that what he had created, with each ingredient layered carefully on top of one another, could be a rather aesthetically pleasing product - and so, the Bottled Baking Co. was born! 

Flash forward to 2022 and the Bottled Baking Co. has quite the list of accolades

Kelly, Greg Fraser and Anya McKenna at the Gift of the Year Awards

Since taking his Bottled Baking Co. mixes to market, Greg Fraser has seen his bottles make it onto the shelves of small, independent retailers all the way to John Lewis, Selfridges and Fenwick to name just a few. 

One April Fools Day back in August of last year, Greg’s marketing team at Hexe Digital came up with the idea of ‘Doggy Baking Co.’ after he had always joked about launching a range of DIY bakes for dogs. 

The demand for Doggy Baking Co. was so strong that Greg decided to launch it for real and it became an award-winning success! Doggy Baking Co. won Gift of the Year in this year’s ‘Pet Gift - Gift of the Year’ category.

Greg Fraser holding Doggy Baking Co. bottles

Three questions for Greg from Bottled Bakers

We asked our Bottled Bakers (aka our biggest brand fans) what’s the one question you would ask Greg if you could. We then picked our favourite three and asked away!

So Greg, what does a general day look like for you?

Each day is completely different. I could be having a meeting with customers or suppliers one minute or planning marketing activities and new products the next. I also look after the accounts and even the task of simply hoovering the floor or cleaning the kitchen… it can be so varied running a small business. 

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Coming up with new recipes and bringing new products to life is absolutely my most favourite part of my job. M&S has been a huge part of my life for the last 9 months or so, getting those lines out on the shelves, so we've not had many Bottled Baking Co. new products to launch.

HOWEVER, we've got a brand new gift set launching in a couple of weeks, five new flavours launching in January AND some exciting things happening with the Doggy Baking Co too - so lots of exciting bits on the way!

If you could be any Bottled Baking Co. flavour, what would you be and why?

I'd have to choose two and I’d only choose them as they’re my favourite to eat! These are the Percy Pig Blondies as they're so sweet and juicy, I just love them! I’d also be our Gingerbread Brownie mix as I only get to eat them half of the year, what with them being a Christmas line, and they've just got an excellent flavour to them that I just can't get enough of.

Gingerbread Brownie Mix - Greg Fraser's favourite mix

There you have it, you’re all up to speed on our Chief Bottled Baker - Greg Fraser! You can keep up to date with Greg over on his LinkedIn and if you’re not already following us, over on the Bottled Baking Co Instagram @thebottledbakingco

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