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This gift box can fit a whopping four prezzies!

Got someone special in mind? A birthday coming up? In need of something to say thank you or perhaps a little reward?

Our customisable gift boxes help you build the tastiest present you can find.

Simply add* one (or more) of these empty boxes to your basket, then pick and choose from:

  • Our range of bottled baking mixes
  • Chocolate bars
  • Laura's Confectionery goodies
  • Holly's Lollies humbugs and lollies
  • Spice Kitchen mulled wine and cider bags

*We recommend adding a maximum of 4 items (1-2 bottles and 2-3 other items, or 3 bottles and one more item).

    Note: Our 3D tree's are too large to fit in this box. You can add extra items to your order, we'll just pop the in the same shipping box for you :)